I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringin'

Roman calvary choirs are singing

21 November
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I have become an Exile. Mew told me to run, so I ran. I ran to the human city of Los Angeles. I had... a student there. A human student. She... changed me. Living among them has changed me too.

Giovanni found me. He came after me. Mew warned me of it, and with my pupil's help, we stopped him. I had friends there, and stopping Giovanni cost them their lives.

It's been almost a thousand years since then. I sense something coming. Something's about to change. For the first time I can remember since Giovanni tracked me down, I... I am afraid.

This is an RP Journal. Mewtwo = Satoshi Tajiri's. Mun = darkjediprinces.

(Also, AU!Mewtwo. Go read dbfssaga if you want to know more.)

✧ Mewtwo speaks only through a form of telepathy while in true form. While he is capable of making some verbal sounds, he can't actually speak verbally. He uses his immense psychic abilities to communicate instead.

‹Telepathic speech is always in single angle quotes.›

✧ In his human form, Mewtwo is capable of verbal speech and usually speaks using this method. However, he is still capable of telepathic speech. Very rarely, he will speak telepathically in human form.

‹When he does, it's still in single angle quotes, as in his true form.›

Mun's notes on his Biology

Mun's notes on his powers